Feeling Called to Homeschool? This Mom Took the Leap | Ep. 116

Episode 116  •  August 7, 2023  •  Interview with Latasha Fields

As soon as she dropped off her eldest daughter at public school for her first day of classes, Latasha Fields knew she needed to homeschool.

Now a homeschool mom and advocate for parents rights, Latasha Fields joins Jim Mason (HSLDA President) to discuss the amazing journey that homeschooling has offered her family. She shares how she is reaching other families in the Chicago area to offer support and raise awareness that homeschooling is possible!

It just does my heart so well because what my children have, I didn’t have. Seeing through them and seeing how they light up with me and their dad—I just love it. I just love homeschooling, and I love my kids. — Latasha Fields

Show Notes: