Researching the Effects of Homeschooling | Ep. 75

Episode 75  •  April 4, 2022  •  Interview with Dr. Steven Duvall

Join HSLDA Vice President Jim Mason and HSLDA Director of Research Dr. Steven Duvall for a conversation about a recent study regarding homeschool students. As a licensed school psychologist and consultant for homeschooling families, Dr. Duvall brings context to the researchers’ findings, criticizing and elevating various aspects of the study.

In my experience, dealing with the whole school population over the last 28 years, it is generally a very wholesome family situation that we’re dealing with. You know, they want the best for their kids and they’re striving in that direction, regardless of income level, whether the family only makes 25,000 [dollars] a year or 100,000 [dollars] a year. People love their kids, and they want the best for them. And that’s what I've generally found.—Dr. Steven Duvall

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Duvall's article: https://hslda.org/post/study-shows-that-homeschooling-produces-good-citizens