Heritage and Homeschooling: Building Positive Identity and Empathy | Ep. 47

Episode 47  •  Apr 12, 2021  •  Interview with Amber ONeal Johnston

Join Anita Gibson (HSLDA High School Consultant) and Amber O’Neal Johnston (blogger, speaker, and homeschool mom) for a conversation about building positive identities and empathy in your kids through homeschooling. They’ll discuss incorporating your own and other heritages into your homeschooling, ideas for how to do so, and Amber’s experience in her own homeschooling using books as roots and branches.

“It allowed us to really shift our family culture early on, and in some big major ways—which is one of the benefits of homeschooling. When you see something that’s broken, you don’t have to work through a system to get it fixed. You can fix it starting the next morning when you wake up.” — Amber O’Neal Johnston