Q&A: Homeschooling Pre-K through 5th Grade | Ep. 78

Episode 78  •  May 2, 2022  •  Q&A with Vicki Bentley and Krisa Winn

Do you have any questions about homeschooling Pre-K through 5th grade? Join HSLDA Educational Consultants Vicki Bentley and Krisa Winn for a Q&A episode all about homeschooling in the early years. As homeschool veterans, Vicki and Krisa help answer your most-asked questions, offering encouragement and practical tips for your journey!

It seems like when our kids turn about 5 years old, we panic and it feels like life has to turn upside down. . . . I like to ask parents, ‘If nobody told you when your child turned 5 that he had to go to school, what would you be doing with him? What have you been doing with him?’—Vicki Bentley