Your support can protect this homeschool family from deportation and persecution. Urge the Biden administration to let them stay.
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The Romeikes fled to America for homeschool freedom.
Now their freedom is being threatened.

Persecuted. Fined. Children seized. Threatened with imprisonment. Their crime? Homeschooling. The Romeike family fled Germany in 2008 and sought asylum in the US. After more than a decade of making the United States their home, the family was abruptly informed they had four weeks to return to Germany.

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Congress is considering a bill that would grant them permanent status. Ask your representative to support H.R. 5423.
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Romeike Case At-a-Glance

7 Children
Two born in the united states
country they are from
15 Years
hslda has represented them
year they started homeschooling
Heavy Fines
would have exceeded their income
Unjust Threats
of imprisonment made by german officials
left germany, entered u.s. legally to seek asylum
granted status to stay in the u.s.

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  • The specifics of their legal status
  • How they came here
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Romeike Updates

Below are the most recent updates. If you want to read more about the history of the case and our efforts to fight for their homeschool freedom, visit the Romeike History and Timeline.
April 2024
HSLDA sends a letter to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, urging him to take up H.R. 5423 and send it to the full House of Representatives for consideration. Read the full letter here.
October 11, 2023
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