We just received news from ICE that the Romeikes are going to be given a one-year delay of deportation. 

On the morning of October 11, the Romeike family and our attorney, Kevin Boden, met with ICE staff in Tennessee, where they signed the paperwork to extend their stay in the United States for another year.

This is excellent news! According to our friends on Capitol Hill, this outcome is the direct result of your calls, your petition signatures, and your outreach to Congress on this issue.

“This is our first victory,” Kevin said. “HSLDA is pleased that ICE has granted a one-year stay. The Romeike family has been given a reprieve, and we will continue to work on their behalf for a permanent solution.”

The Romeike family

​​​​​The Romeikes at the ICE meeting on October 11 

We rejoice with the Romeikes! And they are incredibly thankful for all your efforts on their behalf. But as excited as we all are, I must note that this is only a temporary solution.

Long term, this will require either an act of Congress, by passing H.R. 5423, or a decision from the Biden administration to grant them permanent residency.

While this is a step in the right direction, it is simply a reprieve. For more information, and to learn how you can continue to help the Romeike family have a place they can call home, please visit hslda.org/Romeike. HSLDA is committed to standing for homeschool freedom, and we will continue to stand by the Romeikes.

Thank you again for your hard work. We will keep you updated as this case moves forward.

* * *

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