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Congress won't give the Romeikes citizenship unless they hear your voice. It takes less than 5 minutes to help. Don’t wait.
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Advocate for the Romeikes

Congress is considering H.R. 5423, a bill that could give the Romeikes a path to citizenship. But it is stuck in the House Judiciary Committee under review. Add your support to the campaigns below to keep H.R. 5423 moving forward.

Your voice is powerful. Leaders will listen to those they represent.

Keep it on topic
Congress is busy. The person reading your message should immediately be able to tell you what you want them to do.
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Your message can be longer than our sample, but succinctness is often just as powerful. The shorter the message the more likely it is to be read.
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Remember! Be respectful and professional

It’s most effective to be positive and courteous when communicating with your elected officials.

National Campaigns

House of Representatives

Ask Your Representative to Support H.R. 5423

The House of Representatives has introduced a special bill to give the Romeikes a pathway to citizenship. In two minutes you can call or write to ask for your representative’s support.

24,311 ACTIONS TAKEN Goal: 25,000

Campaign started September 27, 2023


Tell your Senator to Support Citizenship

The Senate also introduced a similar bill to give the Romeikes a pathway to citizenship. In two minutes you can ask your senator to support this bill.

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0 ACTIONS TAKEN Goal: 25,000

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Committee Campaigns

House Judiciary Committee

Urge the House Committee to Approve H.R. 5423

Your representative may be on the House Judiciary Committee. Without the committee's support, H.R. 5423 will get stuck in review and never get passed. They need to hear from you.

We’ll help you find out if your representative is on the committee and let them know you support this bill.

588 ACTIONS TAKEN Goal: 1,500

Campaign started October 1, 2023