To homeschool legally in South Dakota, you’ll need to follow these requirements:

1. Notify the state or your local school district using the DOE’s form.

Within thirty (30) days of beginning homeschooling you must file a standard notification form with either the Department of Education (DOE) or your local school district. The form (provided by the DOE) must include your child's name, birth date, resident district, and open enrolled district (if applicable). It must be signed by the child's parent, guardian, or other person having control of the child.

2. Notify the state or your local school district of a transition.

If you move to a different school district or enroll your child in a public or nonpublic school, file another standard notification form within thirty (30) days of the transition.

3. No single individual is permitted to homeschool more than 22 children.

4. Teach your child.

Ensure your program includes (at a minimum) instruction in the basic skills of language arts and math that will lead to a mastery of the English language.