In Illinois, your homeschool will be treated as a private school. You do not have to register your home-based private school with the Illinois State Board of Education, nor are you required to obtain state recognition of your home-based private school. In fact, you cannot get your private school registered or recognized—the law does not allow it.

Homeschooling under the private school statute

To homeschool, you will need to follow these guidelines:

1. Teach the required subjects.

Illinois requires you to provide an “adequate course of instruction” to your child covering the following branches of education:

  • Language arts,
  • Math,
  • Biological and physical sciences,
  • Social sciences,
  • Fine arts, and
  • Physical development and health.

The State Board of Education treats biological and physical science as one combined branch of instruction, and physical development and health as another combined branch.

2. Instruction must be in English.

When you teach your child in your homeschool, you must do so in English.

3. Know what to call your homeschool program.

HSLDA recommends that you call your homeschool a private school when you deal with government officials.

Important exception: You should identify your program as a homeschool if you are filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as part of your child’s college financial aid paperwork.