There are so many ways a Curriculum Grant can make homeschooling possible for a family experiencing financial challenges. These grants help with: 

  • Curriculum and materials for core academic subjects and some electives
  • School supplies
  • Homeschool courses and/or classes for core subjects
  • Homeschool co-op fees
  • Academic testing and tutoring
  • School-related technology
  • Diagnostic testing and therapies for children with special learning needs 

Grants are typically a few hundred dollars per homeschooled child, depending on family size and circumstances.

Homeschooling families must meet certain requirements to be considered for a Curriculum Grant.

To qualify to apply, you must: 

  • have actively homeschooled according to the definition in the FAQ below for at least 3 months prior to applying (e.g., families who did not homeschool last year must be at least 3 months into the current school year and committed to homeschooling for the remainder of the year);
  • be able to show evidence of homeschooling at least one child between 6 and 19 years old;
  • have legal custody of the child(ren) you are homeschooling;
  • be able to show significant financial need;
  • be able to provide two character references who meet the qualifications detailed in the FAQ below;
  • be prepared to provide receipts documenting that the grant was spent appropriately (after your grant has been approved); and
  • have created a free My HSLDA Account.


What qualifies as homeschooling for the purpose of receiving a Curriculum Grant?

To be eligible to receive a Curriculum Grant, the parent or legal guardian should:

  • be privately funding their homeschool program (as opposed to it being paid for by public funds);
  • conduct the majority of the schooling at home (as opposed to a daily drop-off co-op);
  • have the authority to choose their child’s studies (as opposed to having the curriculum chosen by a school).

Not homeschooling like this yet?

If you want to homeschool but haven’t yet started, let HSLDA help you start strong or check out our list of free and inexpensive curriculum and other homeschooling resources.

How long do Curriculum Grants take?

Most approved applicants receive their grant check in the mail 2–3 months after they submit their application.

Applications submitted in the summer and fall may take 3–4 weeks to begin processing due to a high volume of applications around that time of year.

Can I use Curriculum Grant funds for past expenses?

You can use a Curriculum Grant to reimburse purchases for educational items the grant would normally cover so long as the purchase was made within 6 months of the grant check date and you can provide a receipt of purchase. Please don’t send any receipts until we ask for them after your grant is approved.

Who can serve as my references?

As an organization that serves families nationwide, we rely on references to help us know the applicant’s family better. It is crucial we have confidence that the references are providing relatively unbiased observations.

References must be able be able to vouch for your character and the fact that you’re homeschooling.

References do NOT need to know detailed information about your financial circumstances. They are attesting primarily to your integrity and general family circumstances.

The following individuals may NOT be used as references:

  • You
  • Your spouse/ex-spouse
  • Your significant other
  • Your children
  • Grant applicants from within the past year
  • Anyone living with you

We recommend that you consider references from your homeschooling community or from the leadership of your faith community. Preferred references should not be related to each other.

What if I’ve received a grant before?

If you have ever received a grant before, you must also:

  • have submitted receipts documenting how your prior grant money was spent;
  • be a member of HSLDA (first-time applicants do not need to be members); and
  • have waited a year since your last application.

Ready to apply?

Here are some steps to success for filling out our online form.

  • Use Chrome as your browser. We recommend filling out the application on Chrome, even on Apple devices where Safari may be the default browser.
  • Apple devices: If you are filling out the application on an Apple device, such as a Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad, you may see a login screen instead of a confirmation screen upon submission of your application. If this happens and you do not receive a confirmation screen, please email so we can confirm that your application submitted successfully. In your email, please include what device and browser you used to fill out the application.
  • Already started an application? If you started and then saved an application and aren't sure how to resume it, follow these instructions.

Before you start your application:

  • Be sure that you have carefully read and meet the eligibility requirements above. Your application will not be approved if you are not eligible to apply.
  • Download our Preparing to Apply checklist to ensure that you have all required information and documentation before beginning your application.

Start or Resume Your Grant Application

You may be prompted to log in or create a free HSLDA account to access this application.

If you have questions about a requirement, contact a Grant Administrator at or by calling 540-338-8688.