We want your Curriculum Grant application process to be smooth and easy. This article can help you gather any information you need for your application!

Homeschool Documentation

The type of documentation you provide as evidence of homeschooling will likely vary based on the homeschool law in your state.

Submit the following:

  • NOT your “Notice of Intent”, but a dated letter, email, receipt, acceptance, or acknowledgement of the Notice of Intent you submitted to the:
    • State, county, school district, or superintendent
    • State, county, school district, or superintendent for religious exemption
    • Public or private school, withdrawing your child(ren)
    • School umbrella program, church/religious school, or accredited day/boarding school your child(ren) attend

If unable to provide the above, submit one (1) of the following:

  • Official letter or invoice from the leader of your homeschool co-op or support group on letterhead (e.g., Classical Conversations, local co-op, hybrid co-op, etc.)
  • End of year assessment or evaluation test results for each child, ages 6–19
  • A month of lesson plans of academic subjects for each child, ages 6–19
  • Current report card/transcript for each child, ages 6–19
  • Writing sample AND a math test for each child, ages 6–19

Financial Documentation

Provide all that apply:

  • Copy of IRS Form 1040 (first 2 pages only) from your recently filed income tax return, if you were required to file
  • One month of current paystubs**
  • Social Security statements for survivor’s benefits or disability (including children’s benefits)
  • Food stamps and housing assistance benefit letters
  • Child support or alimony documentation
  • Student aid loans
  • Any other forms of financial support or benefits
  • Any other forms of current income, including letters of church/pastoral or parental support

The following documentation only applies to specific circumstances. We may be able to grant more of your funding request if we have supporting documentation of your situation.

Diagnosis of special needs: If you are requesting special needs curriculum or therapy for your child(ren), please provide a letter or statement from a medical professional, detailing his/her diagnosis. (Do not send the whole document, only the page with the diagnosis.) If a diagnosis is not available, provide a statement of observation explaining how your child(ren) would benefit from testing or evaluation.

Spouse’s death certificate: If you are a widow or widower, the application may ask you to provide your spouse’s death certificate.

Military status: If you have served in the military, you may be asked to provide documentation reflecting your current military status.

List of Purchases

The application will ask you to list the educational items you would use the grant money to buy or items you recently purchased that you want to be reimbursed for.

For each item or collection, list:

  • Company/vendor
  • Item description
  • Total cost

You do NOT need to itemize by child or grade nor individually list school supplies, books on a reading list, or additional fees. For example, it is fine to list “school supplies, $50” without further breakdown.

What items are eligible for this grant?

  • Curriculum and materials for core academic subjects
  • School supplies
  • Academic fees
  • Online or dual-enrollment classes
  • Academic achievement testing
  • Academic electives
  • Educational technology

What items are NOT eligible?

  • Personal growth materials
  • Devotionals
  • Professional/career development resources
  • School furniture
  • Extracurriculars (art/music lessons, sports, speech and debate, drama, field trips)
  • Your own studies

Can I use my grant to purchase things other than what I listed on my application?

Yes! You can use your grant to purchase items besides the ones you listed on your application, as long as they are still within our requirements. However, it is in your best interest to list out the materials you intend to buy, because our team may be able to provide you with special discounts or free materials for the items you list on your application.

You may be interested in the curriculum discounts that are available to our grant recipients. If you would like to use curriculum from a vendor on this list, write down the full price on your application and we will calculate the discount on our end.

Character References

The application will ask you to list two people as character references.

References should be able to vouch for your integrity, your general family situation, and the fact that you’re homeschooling. They do NOT need to know detailed information about your financial circumstances. Reapplicants may use the same references as in prior applications.

Gather the following information for your two references:

  • Full name
  • Street address
  • Phone number
  • Current email address

The following individuals may NOT be used as references:

  • You
  • Your spouse/ex-spouse
  • Your significant other
  • Your children
  • Grant applicants from within the past year
  • Anyone living with you

We recommend that you consider references from your homeschooling community or from the leadership of your faith community. We prefer that references not be related to each other.

Be sure to disclose your full and accurate relationship to your references.