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Disaster Relief Grants are for homeschool families whose home or school materials have been physically damaged by a natural disaster (such as a regional flood, hurricane, wildfire, tornado, or earthquake) in the past 18 months.

Note: COVID-19 recovery is not eligible for this grant.

Grants are modest, not exceeding $500.

To learn about the eligibility requirements, please read the Disaster Relief Grant article thoroughly to make sure that your family qualifies. From there, you can access the application. 

HSLDA is an advocacy organization committed to making homeschooling possible. We defend homeschool freedom, provide legal protection to homeschool families, offer grants to homeschool families who are facing hard times, and provide educational resources and support for homeschoolers. Learn more about what we do here.

There are! In some states where homeschools qualify as “private schools,” you may qualify for services through the public schools. You can learn more about your state’s special needs provisions here.

Alternatively, if your child is currently receiving public education services, you may wish to begin transitioning to private sources for your child’s educational needs. There are many ways to obtain a private service provider. You can learn more about locating one here.

If you would like to learn more about homeschooling a child with special needs, we invite you to check out our Special Needs page. We’ve got lots of resources and support for your homeschooling journey, from start to finish!

Concerned about being able to afford services? You might be interested in applying for one of HSLDA’s Compassion Curriculum Grants.

Curriculum Grants are for HSLDA member families experiencing financial hardship. They may be used to help cover:

  • Curricula and materials for core academic subjects and some electives
  • Tuition for co-ops and academic classes, including online classes and dual enrollment
  • Academic testing and tutoring
  • School-related technology
  • Diagnostic testing, therapies, and specialized materials for children with special needs
  • School supplies

Grants are typically a few hundred dollars per homeschooled child, depending on your family size and circumstances.

Curriculum Grants have specific eligibility requirements and are offered at limited times throughout the year. To learn more about this grant, please read the Curriculum Grant article thoroughly to see if and when you can apply. From there, you can access the application.


Anne Bittner

Anne is a veteran homeschool mom helping financially struggling families obtain grants for their homeschooling needs.

“Meet the Moment” Grants for Homeschool Groups

HSLDA is excited to announce its continuing partnership with the VELA Education Fund! Now through June 7, groups can apply for a grant to help families meet their children’s educational needs.

“The Little Push We Needed”: Homeschool Mom on HSLDA’s Grants

Jessica Rivas left her job to homeschool her first child, Pablito, during his preschool years, but she thought financial struggles would keep her from homeschooling him through elementary school.

Grants for Homeschooling

HSLDA Compassion Grants help homeschool families continue homeschooling through difficult times. Since 1994, we have given over 15,000 grants to families facing natural disasters or struggling through financial hardships.

Colorado Moves Target when Homeschool Group Aims for Archery Grant

A national archery nonprofit has welcomed homeschoolers. But officials at a state parks program proved less accommodating when it blocked a homeschool group’s access to grants.


Special HSLDA member savings for homeschoolers: save 15% on online art lessons for ages 4–19!  

Grant Highlights—Reviving Hopes and Dreams

Here's a page from our yearbook of families who were served last year. Their thanks belong to you—the homeschool community—who helped renew their hope by your support of HSLDA.

A Tremendous Opportunity to Meet a Growing Need!

In April alone, HSLDA received more than 150 first-time applications for educational grants from hard-pressed families. Here are just a few of their situations . . .

"A Shot in the Arm"


Beauty from Ashes