For more than 20 years, HSLDA has been providing educational assistance grants to financially struggling homeschooling families so they can continue to teach their children at home. Each year, 1,300 gifts equip families to be able to press on in their homeschooling journeys. The generosity of thousands of donors makes this possible.

This pandemic year is no exception. As COVID-19’s economic impact makes it increasingly difficult for some parents to support their families, HSLDA Compassion has seen an increase of almost 10 percent in the number of requests for help.

In April alone, we received more than 150 first-time applications for educational grants from hard-pressed families. Here are just a few of their situations:

  • Elizabeth—Due to COVID-19, her family’s sole income was reduced to unemployment benefits when her husband had to close his business.
  • Single parent (anonymous)—She receives no child support and had to take unpaid leave because of pandemic restrictions; she goes to food pantries to feed her children.
  • Tania—Her family of 10 had been trying to keep their heads above water for months; pandemic restrictions then reduced the hours her husband works at an already low-paying job.

A greater need

The uncertainty surrounding the pandemic means that the need for educational assistance is going to continue, at least for now. But we are incredibly grateful to witness the outpouring of generous support to meet the needs of increasing numbers of homeschooling families!

An even greater impact of COVID-19, however, is that millions more families are now homeschooling for the first time. If you’ve experienced the benefits of home education firsthand, you understand the incredible potential for good these changes can have in our society—including family relationships being strengthened as parents have the opportunity to become more involved in their children’s lives and take a more direct role in their education.

The need these parents have for encouragement, friendship, and experienced advice is an opportunity for homeschool veterans to come alongside and cheer them on. Who are you planning to befriend this year?

As the number of homeschooling families in America surges, HSLDA anticipates that the need for financial educational support this school year will also exponentially increase.

If this trend continues, HSLDA Compassion could see an additional one to two thousand applications for educational assistance from low-income families this school year—essentially doubling or even tripling the number of grant requests we now receive!

How can you help meet these needs?

First, if you pray, would you join us in asking God to provide both the financial resources and people necessary to assist this greatly expanding population of struggling homeschool families who apply and qualify for grants?

Second, would you consider how you might help families locally? Your availability—your friendship, your hands-on assistance, and even your used schoolbooks and materials—could go a long way toward giving a parent the confidence and practical knowledge to make homeschooling an effective and enjoyable experience for their entire family.

If you haven’t already done so, please reach out to your state and local support groups to identify families who may need help. Then consider collaborating with other homeschooling families to meet their most pressing needs. The sincere, heartfelt care these struggling families receive through you may be just the encouragement they need to press on in their homeschooling journeys.

And third, if you feel led, would you partner with us financially to help provide grants to homeschool families facing great hardship—many of whom tell us that, without that assistance, they wouldn’t be able to continue home educating their children? Together, we can make a lasting impact on their success!