COVID-19 Notice: if your family was financially impacted by COVID-19, please consider applying for a Curriculum Grant, NOT a Disaster Relief Grant, as these grants are reserved for families recovering from physical home damage due to a regional flood, wildfire, earthquake, hurricane, blizzard, or tornado.

HSLDA offers grants to families recovering from natural disasters to help them get back on their feet and continue homeschooling. If your home or school materials have been physically damaged by a hurricane, wildfire, tornado, earthquake, blizzard, or regional flooding in the past year, apply for a Disaster Relief Grant to help your family's journey of recovery.

What can Disaster Relief Grants be used for?

Disaster Relief Grants help families afford:

  • Emergency needs such as displacement costs, meals, generator fuel, blankets, diapers, etc.
  • Replacement curriculum or school materials
  • Replacement household goods damaged by the disaster, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, food, etc.
  • NOT COVID-19 recovery. See notice above.

Grants are modest, not exceeding $500.

Homeschooling families must meet certain requirements to be considered for a grant.

To qualify to apply, you must:

  • be homeschooling at least one child between 6 and 19 years old;
  • have legal custody of the child(ren) you are homeschooling;
  • be able to show physical or financial damage to your home or family caused by a natural disaster in the past 18 months (does NOT include COVID-19—see notice above); and
  • have created a free My HSLDA Account.

What qualifies as homeschooling for the purpose of receiving a Disaster Relief Grant?

To be eligible, the parent or legal guardian should:

  • be privately funding their homeschool program (as opposed to it being paid for by public funds);
  • conduct the majority of the schooling at home (as opposed to a daily drop-off co-op); and
  • have the authority to choose their child's studies (as opposed to having the curriculum chosen by a school).

Not homeschooling like this yet?

If you want to homeschool but haven't yet started, let HSLDA help you start strong or check out our list of free and inexpensive curriculum and other homeschooling resources.

If you have ever received a Compassion grant before, you must also:

  • have submitted receipts documenting how your prior grant money was spent; and
  • be a member of HSLDA (first-time applicants do not need to be members).

Required documents for the application

The application will require you to upload the following types of photos:

  1. The front of your driver’s license or other government-issued ID showing your permanent address.
  2. A copy of a bill or bank statement showing the address of the affected home.
  3. A photo of the front of your house with house number on the curb, house, or mailbox. Please ensure the picture displays the full house front with the house number in view.
  4. Photos of damage to your property from the recent storm.

Failure to provide the required photos may delay or suspend your grant application.

If you’re eligible to apply and have the photos you need, click the button below to begin your application! We look forward to serving your family.

For questions, contact a Grant Administrator at or by calling 540-338-8688.

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