You may have noticed that we do a lot of different things. Defending homeschool freedom? Yep. Legal protection for homeschoolers? You bet. Practical support and academic resources? Of course!

It’s hard to put HSLDA in a box—just like the homeschooling families we stand for. But everything we do is motivated by our desire to help children thrive and succeed through homeschooling. Here’s an overview of our main areas of work.

Advocating for freedom

Although homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, not everyone is friendly to homeschooling or aware of its benefits. This can sometimes result in discriminatory policies or burdensome regulations on homeschooling families. To keep homeschooling free, we work with legislators to craft homeschool-friendly laws, and then we help government officials stay in compliance with those laws. Our legislative alerts help mobilize the homeschool community, giving them an opportunity to make their voice heard on important homeschool issues. And for homeschooling parents, we provide easy-to-understand summaries of each state’s homeschool law so they can have peace of mind knowing that they are homeschooling legally.

Providing personalized care for member families

As a membership organization, HSLDA stands with a community of over 100,000 homeschooling families all striving to give their children the best possible education. This model, in addition to support from our generous donors, allows us to offer a wide range of benefits to our member families.

For example, as an HSLDA member, you receive access to our team of attorneys experienced in dealing with homeschool issues. Got a question about your state’s homeschool law? Call anytime. Need help with homeschool paperwork? We’ll help you get it done right. Is your right to homeschool being challenged? We’ll back you up. We’ll even go to court for your homeschool freedom, providing full and free representation at every stage of the proceedings.

Empowering families in hard times

No family should have to homeschool alone. That’s why we partner with donors to come alongside courageous families seeking to continue their children’s homeschool journey despite financial difficulties, medical emergencies, or other challenging situations. By offering grants to help cover the cost of things like curriculum and school supplies, we help make sure that homeschooling remains possible for these precious children—even in the midst of hard times.

These are just a few of the many ways we are making homeschooling a real possibility for more children than ever before.