HSLDA is excited to announce its partnership with the VELA Education Fund to give grants to homeschool organizations, groups, and co-ops who have a vision for helping address the unique challenges facing homeschooling families at this unprecedented moment in history.

About the VELA Education Fund

VELA Education Fund is a national nonprofit fund dedicated to accelerating education innovation and opportunity for every learner. The fund provides early and accessible capital to everyday entrepreneurs—community members, families, and young people—developing authentic and responsive learning experiences outside of the traditional K–12 system. VELA Education Fund connects its grantees to a national network and provides them with a platform to elevate their work and learning.

Meet the Moment Grant Program

COVID-19 disrupted the education of more than 56.6 million K–12 students across the US. With school buildings shuttered, instruction was shifted online, and—despite the best efforts of teachers and caregivers—the experience left a lot to be desired.

But this alternative learning arrangement has inspired many parents, educators and education-innovators to rethink how, when, and where learning takes place.

That’s why the VELA Education Fund is working to “meet the moment” with our grant program. Now is the time to support education innovation at the ground level, with those who are developing solutions to help young people learn and grow.

VELA Education Fund is providing $1 million to four organizations who will award fast grants to the parents, educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are hard—and creatively—at work.

VELA is partnering with Transcend Education to create a community of interaction, learning, and growth to support our program partners and families.

Together, we aim to help meet the moment for students across the country.

As one of the sub-granting organizations working with VELA, HSLDA is offering Meet the Moment grants for organizations, groups, or co-ops who share our vision for making homeschooling possible for families in this unprecedented time.


Meet the Moment grants need to be used for programs or activities (new or expanded) that are designed to support new homeschoolers.

Grant Size: $500–$5,000

Grants amount will vary based on the number of families in the group and the nature of the funding request.

Application Due Date: September 1

Funds are limited, so please apply early.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants must be representatives of a homeschool organization, group, or co-op which:

  • Is either incorporated or able to provide a sufficient explanation of how the group is organized.
  • Is NOT a for-profit business.
  • Is in the United States.
  • Is requesting funding for a program or activity that fits the Meet the Moment program criteria described above.
  • Is NOT receiving government funding.
  • Serves families who are privately homeschooling at least one child (as opposed to public school at home or virtual charter school).

Required supporting documentation

You will be required to upload the following documents, so please have them handy when you apply. The application form accepts all file formats.

  • If your group is incorporated: Articles of Incorporation
  • If your group is not incorporated: bylaws or alternative description of organization

Click Here to Apply Online