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Homeschooling Hurdles? Making Micro-Changes for Success!

Anything in your homeschool not working? Started strong, but schedule isn’t flowing? 2 weeks behind plan? Child doesn’t want to sit down? Watch this webinar!

How to Get the Most Out of a Homeschool Conference!

Questions about attending a homeschool conference? Want budget-friendly, timesaving tips? Buying in person vs. ordering online? Bring the kids? Watch webinar!

Equip and Encourage Your Young Entrepreneurs!

Want creative, practical ways to spark engaging entrepreneurial opportunities for your homeschool student? Get great tips in this free webinar!

Kids vs. Parents? Finding Common Ground in Homeschooling

Is your homeschooled child unmotivated? Refusing to do schoolwork? For healthy, creative ways to navigate this conflict, check out this webinar!

A World of Possibilities Awaits: Learn Another Language!

Intimidated by the idea of teaching a foreign language to your homeschooler? Watch our webinar: gain confidence and helpful resources!

Beyond Academics: Is Your Homeschool Teen Well-Rounded?

Are extracurricular activities important for homeschool students? What are best picks for your teen? Watch this webinar!

7 Ways to Find Socialization for My Kids Q&A

Where do homeschool kids make friends and get the social skills they need for adult life – from cues to queues to resolving conflict? Watch this free webinar!

AI and Your Homeschool: What You Need to Know! Part 1

Wondering what AI is, and if it has a place in your homeschool and family? Watch this webinar!

Harnessing the Influence of AI in Your Homeschool: Part 2

Wondering how to harness the power of AI for your homeschool? Watch this webinar!

11 Tips for More Efficient Homeschooling Q&A

Best homeschooling tips and hacks + dinner + laundry? Get tools and encouragement from 2 seasoned homeschool mamas (10 kids, 17 kids): watch this free webinar!