Who Is This Webinar For?

Is something in your homeschool not quite working or clicking? Maybe you started strong, but now your schedule isn’t flowing smoothly? Or you’re two weeks behind your plan? Or your child doesn’t want to sit down? Or do schoolwork? 

You’re not alone! Sit down and check out this warm and welcoming conversation. You’ll be met with understanding, insights, and tips to help you pivot and move forward. 

In this webinar, our HSLDA educational consultants/seasoned homeschooling moms Vicki Bentley and Rochelle Matthews-Somerville, PhD, team up with our host Sandra Kim, a former-public-school-turned-new-homeschooling-mom, to share their own homeschooling hurdle stories and creative solutions that work! 

Does your homeschooling challenge call for a big change—or just a series of micro-changes? Discover how you can adapt and adjust homeschooling to best fit your family! 

Some Topics We Cover

  • I have a plan. It isn’t working. And I’m two weeks behind. Help!
  • Schedule, routine, or rhythm: what’s realistic so we get things done, but I don’t burn out?! How do I motivate my kids?
  • My house is a mess. How do I set reasonable expectations for homeschooling, housework, and self care?  
  • I’m bored with the curriculum and so are my kids! What now?
  • Too many field trips or activities—and no time to do school! How do I fit it all in?
  • I still feel alone—I don’t like my co-op. I haven’t found my pod or group and I don’t know how to do field trips. How do I connect?

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