Who Is This Webinar For?

With its capacity to generate written work and rapidly answer questions, is AI a gateway to rampant academic dishonesty? With the internet so easily accessible, some parents and educators consider this a real possibility. 

As homeschool parents, are there ways to harness AI’s potential for good in your homeschool? How do you discuss the value of academic integrity with your child in a digital age? Are there prudent ways to use this growing technology in your homeschool? Do you want to learn if AI can be a useful tool to implement into your homeschooling? In part two of this series, we’ll be exploring these very questions. 

Come join David Maxson (data engineer and programmer of intelligent things) and Lillie Schmidt (HSLDA Online Academy Manager and homeschool grad) for an encouraging conversation with our host Sandra Kim (HSLDA Director of Media Relations and homeschool mom) to discuss preserving the value of integrity in light of new technology, and how to use such innovations mindfully and productively.  

Some More Topics We’ll Discuss

  • What is academic integrity and why is it important? 
  • How can AI interact in your homeschool program?
  • Is AI an academic resource? 
  • When should you consider using a tool like generative AI in your student’s education?
  • How can you use AI in a way that sets your child up for success?
  • Will AI usage make or break your child’s education? 

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