Who Is This Webinar For?

  • What about making friends? How do homeschoolers meet other kids?” 
  • “Does homeschooling mean we're stuck together at home all the time?”
  • How will we develop strong social skills without classmates, school sports, clubs, or prom? Can homeschoolers participate in competitive sports?”

Do these questions resonate with you? If so, check out this free recorded webinar!

Where do kids actually learn the valuable social skills that they’ll need for life? Things like recognizing social cues, listening, taking turns, standing in line, teamwork, leadership, play, humor, and (don’t forget!) conflict resolution?

Our panel of experienced homeschool moms will answer these questions and help you discover simple, creative ways to confidently provide your child with the healthy, positive socialization opportunities that they need to develop and grow.

Natalie Mack—an HSLDA educational consultant—and Kim Glanowski—a homeschool mom, speaker, author, and founder of Reimagine Education Conference—have lots of wisdom, wins, fails, and excellent tips to share with our moderator Sandra Kim—a former-public-school-turned-new-homeschool-and-full-time-working mom of three.

Bring your questions and learn how you can leverage the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling to help your kids thrive!

Some Topics We’ll Discuss

  • What’s the difference between classroom socialization and homeschool socialization?
    • Let’s look at the research! 
    • What do you want your kids to learn through social opportunities?
    • How socialization has worked for many homeschool families
  • Ways to get out of the house and homeschool! (Field trips, co-ops, pods, and so much more!)   
  • Community involvement: scouts, sports, civics, 4–H, volunteering, etc.  
  • Where do I look for . . . . ? (Get pro tips for finding groups and activities.)
  • Creating your own opportunities! (So many possibilities . . . )

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