Who Is This Webinar For?

Parlez-vous français? ¿Habla español? 你会说中文吗?

Thinking of adding a foreign language to your kids’ homeschool studies?  

Whether you know one language or five, helping your child acquire a second (or third!) language can feel daunting. Don’t worry—we've got good news! Did you know that you don’t even need to know the language your child wants to learn? With the right tools and support, you can open a window into another world for your child, and provide them with educational, social, and even occupational opportunities.

In this fascinating webinar, you can explore your student’s options for learning a second language as Anne Guarnera, Ph.D (teacher, and founder of the blog Language Learning At Home) and Doug Favelo, Ph.D, (Chairman of the Department of Classical Liberal Arts and Professor of History at Patrick Henry College), share their experiences, insights, and tips with our host, Sandra Kim (who is bilingual in Korean and English, proficient in French, and wants to learn Spanish). 

Some More Topics We’ll Discuss

  • How does studying another language boost brain development? What are other benefits?
  • Is there an ideal age to start learning another language?
  • Should I pick a “dead” or “living” language? And how do I find a curriculum that best fits my kids and our homeschool?
  • How do I find resources to help my child learn a language I don't speak?
  • How can my child get practice speaking the language and exploring the language’s culture?

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