Who Is This Webinar For?

Do you—or your child—wake up dreading the start of the school day? Are you arguing over school? Does it feel like you’re on totally different pages? While conflicts are normal for any parent-child relationship, they can be especially challenging for you as a homeschooling parent trying to balance your dual identity as parent and teacher. Whether it’s a lack of motivation, an outright refusal to do schoolwork, or your child just pushing your buttons, the struggle is real for both of you.

This is hard anytime it happens, but there are ways to navigate the conflict and strengthen your relationship with your child. You can move from adversaries to allies. Join our free, live webinar and explore healthy, creative options to move forward.

Please join Carla Fuller (HSLDA High School Educational Consultant and homeschool mom with 17 years of experience) and Joel Grewe (HSLDA Action Executive Director and homeschool dad to three boys) for an encouraging conversation with our host Sandra Kim (a homeschool mom whose kids sometimes fight with her over math) to discuss healthy ways to resolve conflict with our children.

Some Topics We Cover

  • Figuring out why your child is pushing back on doing school (boredom, motivation issues, academic struggles, power dynamics, disability, health?) 
  • Using conflict as a moment to foster connection with your child
  • Navigating roles of parent and teacher
  • Discovering positive ways to motivate children (especially boys)
  • Seeing the conflict from your child’s perspective
  • Creating a more harmonious atmosphere during the school day

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