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How to Get the Most Out of a Homeschool Conference!

Questions about attending a homeschool conference? Want budget-friendly, timesaving tips? Buying in person vs. ordering online? Bring the kids? Watch webinar!

Equip and Encourage Your Young Entrepreneurs!

Want creative, practical ways to spark engaging entrepreneurial opportunities for your homeschool student? Get great tips in this free webinar!

Kids vs. Parents? Finding Common Ground in Homeschooling

Is your homeschooled child unmotivated? Refusing to do schoolwork? For healthy, creative ways to navigate this conflict, check out this webinar!

A World of Possibilities Awaits: Learn Another Language!

Intimidated by the idea of teaching a foreign language to your homeschooler? Watch our webinar: gain confidence and helpful resources!

How to Choose or Change Your Homeschool Curriculum

How do I know what homeschool curriculum is right for my child and me? What if it isn’t working? When can I change? What does state law say? Watch this webinar!

Math Allergies? Tools for Making Math More Fun

Does math make your homeschool student—or you!—want to crawl under the couch? For simple tools and fun K-8 tips to build confidence, watch this webinar!

How to Finish Your Homeschool Year: Celebrating the Wins!—Q&A

End-of-homeschool-year questions? Finishing that textbook, testing, records, or motivating kids on summer subjects? Watch this free webinar to get answers!

How to Test and Assess Your Homeschooler Q&A

Watch this webinar for information on testing, assessments, where to find state requirements, testing accommodations, and more!

My Homeschool Toolbox: Adding Digital Resources Q&A

Watch free webinar: How to safely use digital resources in your homeschool—YouTube scientists, artists, historians, library apps, printables, classes, more!

Homeschooling Through Major Life Changes Q&A

When your life suddenly turns upside down—cross-country move, accident, illness, special needs diagnosis, divorce, death—what happens to your kids’ homeschool?