Who Is This Webinar For?

  • How can I add more variety to my homeschooling? What can I watch, listen to, or read for ideas and inspiration?” 
  • Are there digital resources that can help me with specific subjects or lessons—or maybe help my child learn some things independently?”
  • What kind of free or inexpensive (but valuable!) resources are available online—and how can I incorporate them safely?”

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Let our panel of tech-savvy homeschool moms introduce you to digital resources that can help make homeschooling easier, more exciting, and more efficient—for you and for your kids!

Kristy Horner—an HSLDA educational consultant—and Leah Nieman—a homeschool mom and popular family technology speaker, author, and consultant—will bring lots of great suggestions, simple solutions, and creative approaches to this warm and lively conversation with Sandra Kim—our moderator and former-public-school-turned-homeschool mom of three.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss

  • Getting homeschool inspiration: Who can I follow online?
    • YouTube series, scientists, artists, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, etc.
  • What's the difference between types of digital resources? 
    • Live vs. on-demand classes
    • Free, paid single-use, full purchase, or subscription?
    • Printables vs. digital worksheets you do with stylus on tablet
  • Using “Momsavers,” such as audiobook apps: Hoopla, Libby, Audible, etc. 
  • Can online games be part of our homeschool program?
  • How can we keep our kids safe during internet-based learning and nurture responsible use of technology? 
  • And more!

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