Who Is This Webinar For?

  • “If I homeschool, does my child have to take any tests?”
  • “Where do homeschooled kids go for testing? Can I give my kids their tests?”
  • “If my state doesn’t require testing, can I still test my student?”

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Our panel includes HSLDA Educational Consultants and veteran homeschooling moms Rochelle Matthews-Somerville and Vicki Bentley—along with HSLDA attorney and homeschool grad and dad Tj Schmidt. 

Together with public-school-turned-homeschool mom, Sandra Kim (full-time working mom to three), they’ll unpack and demystify the topic of testing and assessing for homeschoolers. 

Explore the options, learn how to find the best fit for your child, and discover what you need to do before, during, and after the test.

You’ll confidently understand what to do with your child’s test scores: what you do—or don’t—need to report to the school district or state and what’s important to keep for your child’s personal educational records. 

Some Topics We’ll Discuss

  • What are different kinds of assessments? How do I choose? 
    • Formal vs. informal
    • Timed vs. untimed
    • Knowledge vs. skills
    • Learning readiness assessments and placement tests
    • End-of-year: nationally normed standardized achievement tests, portfolios, or evaluations?
  • Why is assessing important and when should I test? 
  • How do I find my state’s requirements for homeschool testing?
  • If my child has special needs, are testing accommodations available?
  • How can I make testing a positive experience for my child—before, during, and after?

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