Why You Want Karim for Your Event

  • In her role as Bilingual Educational Specialist, Karim helps develop educational resources for Hispanic families to start and continue with their homeschooling journey. 
  • Karim is an expert in foreign language learning. She is the founder of Spanish Educational Solutions, a K-12 online program designed to support homeschool parents, educate bilingual children, and help students learn Spanish.
  • As HSLDA’s Outreach Coordinator to the Hispanic Community, Karim helps state and other organizations as they seek to reach and serve the Hispanic homeschooling community. In addition, she offers strategic advice to leaders and groups about how to reach and serve the Hispanic community.
  • Karim and her husband homeschooled their three children from preschool to college.

Travels from

Washington, D.C.


HSLDA educational specialists are happy to offer their speaking services and expertise in support of the homeschooling community. In return for speaking at your event, we request that hosts cover all travel and related expenses and, if applicable, provide a complimentary exhibit booth/table for HSLDA. Honorariums are greatly appreciated but not required.



Homeschooling and the Hispanic Community

This workshop is designed to help leaders and organizations looking to reach and serve Hispanic families. Karim will help you understand the unique needs and differences of this community. From a bird's-eye view, you will explore how the homeschooling movement has impacted these families, why they are choosing to homeschool, the unique challenges parents and children face, and how leaders and organizations can support multicultural environments.

Meet and Greet Hispanic Homeschooling Families

If your organization wants to create a space where Hispanic families can gather and meet with other Hispanic families and leaders to connect, Karim can support your leaders in facilitating a meet-and-greet reception. She will help you create a space where families and leaders can talk and connect with your organization and other parents, as well as obtain resources for a more significant impact in the Hispanic community.