To homeschool in Montana, follow these steps:

1. File a notice of intent to homeschool.

During every “school fiscal year” (July 1–June 30), you must notify the superintendent of schools of the county where your homeschool is located that your child is being homeschooled. HSLDA members may wish to download and use our attorney-designed notice of intent form for Montana, attached below.

2. Keep attendance and immunization records.

You must keep a record of your child’s attendance at your homeschool. You must also keep a record of your child’s disease immunizations (or a medical or religious exemption from immunizations). You must make these records “available” to the county superintendent on request.

3. Provide the required hours of instruction.

Your child must receive at least 720 hours of instruction per school fiscal year in grades 1–3. He or she must receive at least 1,080 hours of instruction per school fiscal year in grades 4–12.

4. Teach the required subjects.

Your homeschool must provide an organized course of study that includes instruction in the basic subjects required to be taught in Montana public schools. These include:

  • English language arts
  • mathematics
  • social studies
  • science
  • health
  • arts
  • career education.

5. Follow health and safety regulations.

Make sure your home complies with all local health and safety regulations applicable to homes.