Indiana homeschools are considered to be nonaccredited private schools, and thus homeschools must comply with Indiana’s private school statute.

To homeschool under the private school statute, you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Provide equivalent instruction in the English language.

Private schools must teach in the English language and provide instruction equivalent to that given in public schools. However, the State Board of Education is not given the authority to define “equivalent instruction” nor to approve homeschool programs. There are no mandatory subjects for a homeschool program, but HSLDA recommends that you follow the same general subjects that would be taught in public school.

2. Teach for the required number of days.

You must operate your homeschool program for the same number of days that the public schools in your district are in session. This is generally 180 days.

3. Keep attendance records.

You must keep attendance records to verify the enrollment and attendance of your students. Such records must be made available upon request of the state superintendent or the superintendent of the school district in which you reside.

4. Provide information to the state, if required.

Upon a specific and individual request by the state superintendent of public instruction, you must furnish the number of children, by grade level, that you are teaching at home.

Although Indiana public school officials frequently request that homeschoolers complete an online enrollment form on the Indiana Department of Education website, this enrollment is not required under state law and is voluntary. There are a few situations when completing this enrollment form might be beneficial.