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Homeschooling Thru High School
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You Can Do It!

You really can homeschool through high school! Sure there are challenges—like providing competitive sports and other extracurricular activities that develop your child's unique potential. And the subject matter—advanced math, science, labs, foreign language, etc.—becomes more difficult. On the other hand, your high schooler is a more independent learner than he was in first grade. He requires less supervision and can take increasing charge of his own education. As his reasoning and communication skills mature, both of you may find learning at home to be a more deeply effective and satisfying experience than ever.

Homeschooling your child through high school offers great benefits for parents and student. By reducing peer pressure, minimizing the influence of the sex and drug culture, and providing a safer physical environment for your child's education, you enable your child to reap rewards for years to come. And you have the irreplaceable opportunity to influence your child at an age when he is hammering out his own personality, character, and worldview.

You can do it, and HSLDA wants to help you!


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Reasons Why

Why should you homeschool during the high school years? With the demands of high school level subjects, is it even possible to provide a quality education at home? Yes, it is possible, but when doubts come knocking at your door, you'll want to recount the reasons why you homeschool. The following articles will provide you with the reminders you need to keep going.