The process of applying for ACT accommodation is similar for homeschool students and traditional school students, however, homeschooled teens may need to submit additional documentation due to the unique nature of homeschooling. Because there is not much clear guidance on the ACT website, navigating the application process can feel daunting. But don’t be afraid! We’re here to help walk you through this process, ensuring a smoother journey toward securing the accommodations you need.

Let’s start with a definition. Accommodations are tools or procedures that provide equal access to instruction and assessment for students with disabilities. An assessment accommodation refers to altering the presentation of a test or modifying how the applicant is prompted to respond. These accommodations may include changes in the presentation format, response format, test setting, timing, or scheduling. In essence, accommodations aim to establish fairness by ensuring a level playing field for all test takers without altering requirements or diminishing standards for any individual.

Prior to starting your application journey, it's essential to research the ACT's accommodation policies. Take the time to acquaint yourself with the range of accommodations offered, the criteria for eligibility, necessary documentation, and the application timeline. This knowledge will equip you as you navigate the process.

Here’s a comprehensive roadmap to guide you through the process of registering and requesting ACT accommodations with confidence.