As a homeschooling teacher (and administrator and guidance counselor), you probably naturally accommodate your student with special learning needs when he or she takes a test. You might grant extended time, allow frequent breaks, or have your teen use adaptive equipment and assistive technology. After all, you want your teen to have the best chance of success, and you don’t believe that their unique challenges should hold them back!

If your student is college-bound, you may be wondering how he or she will fare on the SAT—one of the two most common entrance exams that colleges use to evaluate applicants. Is it possible for teens to receive accommodations on this test? Yes—but navigating the process to request accommodation can be tricky for homeschooling families, so read on for specific guidance!

Let’s start with a definition. Accommodations are tools or procedures that provide equal access to instruction and assessment for students with disabilities. An assessment accommodation refers to altering the presentation of a test or modifying how the applicant is prompted to respond. These accommodations may include changes in the presentation format, response format, test setting, timing, or scheduling. In essence, accommodations aim to establish fairness by ensuring a level playing field for all test takers without altering requirements or diminishing standards for any individual.

The SAT has procedures to follow to obtain accommodation for your student. The following four essential steps will help you in this process.