Why You Want Rochelle for Your Event:

  • In her role at HSLDA, Rochelle works closely with homeschooling families, guiding those navigating the through the high school years and supporting families with children with special needs, at home and in the community.
  • Rochelle has served as a program director, community instructor, and educational consultant to the local homeschool community for almost ten years.
  • She’s a seasoned teacher/tutor with over a decade of experience working with K-12 homeschool students in one-on-one and group settings, with and without special needs. She also has experience working with students at the university level.
  • Rochelle and her husband currently homeschool their six children, who’s grades range from kindergarten through high school.


Washington, DC


HSLDA consultants are happy to offer their speaking services to the homeschooling community. In return for their speaking at your event, we request that hosts cover all travel and related expenses and, if applicable, provide a complimentary exhibit booth/table. Honorariums are not required but appreciated.


You Can Homeschool Your Struggling Learner—Hope and How-To’s for Homeschooling Students Who Learn Differently

Unpack the frequently asked questions of how to homeschool struggling learners and those who learn differently. Be encouraged and equipped as the HSLDA Special Needs Consultants share diagnostic checklists for struggling learners, discuss common roadblocks homeschooling parents face (and how to navigate around them), and receive strategies for achieving success with your children who learn differently.

Developing and Drafting Student Education Plans

Does your child have a learning disability or severe special needs? Have you pulled your child out of public school where he or she used to have an IEP (Individual Education Plan)? In this workshop, you’ll learn the purposes and benefits of an SEP (Student Education Plan), which is the homeschool version of an IEP. You’ll also receive guidance on drafting your own as you explore sample plans, obtain your own template, and leave with a resource list of books.

Understanding the Twice Exceptional Learner: Boundless Gifts!

This session offers an overview of learners who are gifted, with some form of disability or learning challenge. You’ll be equipped with a broader understanding of how different exceptionalities can manifest themselves within learning styles and preview resources that match your child’s unique learning profile. Ultimately the goal of this workshop is to provide you with support so you can spend less time searching for information and resources and more quality family time with your child.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Individualized Approach to Instructional Basics

This session focuses on the use of evidence-based instruction methods that address the core issues of autism spectrum disorders: communication and social skills. Dr. Rochelle Matthews-Somerville integrates developmental perspectives and strategies to provide practical, functional intervention approaches that you can easily implement within your daily homeschool routine.

Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Organizational and Behavior Management Basics

This session provides basic information to help you understand, prevent, and manage difficult behaviors that are common for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Learn practical ways of teaching alternatives to problem behaviors and reduce how often they occur. You’ll also hear how to identify situations that lead to problem behavior and how to alter interactions with children with ASD to successfully establish willing learners who communicate their needs more effectively.