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Financial and Legal Issues

The information in this financial and legal section is provided as general information only, for the consideration of homeschool group leaders. For specific legal advice, please consult an attorney.

While HSLDA offers legal advocacy for member families, and homeschool groups may be comprised of those member families, groups are not HSLDA members. However, our group services staff, with more than twenty years experience in local and/or state support group leadership, can often assist groups by providing examples of how other leaders have handled similar circumstances.

Questions About COVID by Darren Jones, Senior Counsel and Group Services Attorney

501(c) 3 Compliance —IRS articles, FAQs, tax guides, fact sheet; particularly helpful for political intervention compliance.

Accepting Contributions for Needy Families by Carol Topp, CPA

Addressing Child Abuse —Information from HSLDA on preventing, identifying, and responding to child abuse in homeschooling families.

Developing a Child Protection Policy by Darren Jones, HSLDA Staff Attorney

Protecting Children with a Background Check Policy by Darren Jones, HSLDA Staff Attorney

Do We Need to Incorporate?” by Carol Topp, CPA

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is committed to helping Christ-centered organizations earn the public’s trust through developing and maintaining standards of accountability that convey God-honoring ethical practices.

How Do We Become a Recognized Nonprofit?” by Carol Topp, CPA

Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and N​e​g​l​e​c​t​” —U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publication explains mandatory reporting laws in each state.

Money Management for Homeschool Organizations by Carol Topp, CPA. (e-book)

Preserving a Charitable Exemption” by Louis E. Michelson

The Safety Principles: Defending Children from Sexual Abuse

Sample Bylaws: Here are examples that homeschool groups in various states have adopted. They are used as samples by permission of the groups, although the names have been changed. Please feel free to contact HSLDA to discuss bylaws for your group.

Seven Great Reasons to Incorporate” by Carol Topp

Statements of Faith--What, Why, How?” by Cam Leedahl

What Homeschool Leaders Don’t Know about Tax-Exempt Status by Carol Topp, CPA

What Is the Difference between a Homeschool Support Group and a Co-op?” by Carol Topp

Check with your state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, as well as with your county and/or municipality, for any licensing or registration requirements (or exemption procedures). Certain types of fundraising without a license may be subject to fines.

Easy Fundraisers for Groups” — podcast by Carol Topp

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“Legal Issues for Support Groups” by HSLDA
(Includes incorporation, liability, nonprofit, tax exemption, taxes)

“Tax Information for Small Non-Profits” by J. Michael Smith, HSLDA