At HSLDA, we recognize the strategic role that state and local groups play in homeschooling and so annually we offer grants to registered HSLDA Discount Groups. These funds can be used to help with various projects—from creating libraries to hosting conferences.

Grant Size

HSLDA’s Annual Group Grants range from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars and will vary in size based on the number of families in the group, the scope of the project, the anticipated benefits, and the overall number of groups applying for grants.

Grant Purpose

All grant funds must be used for tax-exempt purposes to further the mission of homeschooling and cannot be used for any direct lobbying.

Group grants can be used for a multitude of purposes related to education, such as academic classes, science equipment, computers, graduation ceremonies, additional training, conferences, field trips, etc.

Grants may not be used for infrastructure requests, such as rental costs, administrative costs, insurance, website upgrades, etc.

If you received a grant and have any questions about how your grant may be spent, please email our Director of Group Services, Darren Jones, at

Group Eligibility

Applicants must be representatives of a homeschool organization, group, or co-op which is:

  • Comprised of at least 15 HSLDA member families
  • Incorporated or able to provide a sufficient explanation of how the group is organized
  • Located in the United States
  • NOT receiving government funding
  • Serving families who are privately homeschooling at least one child (as opposed to public school at home or virtual charter school)
  • Able to deposit a check made payable to the group name (grant checks will NOT be made payable to an individual on behalf of a group)

Preference will be given to homeschool groups that have parents on the premises, meeting no more than twice a week.

Groups must fill out an HSLDA Grant Usage Form after receiving their grant, providing an account of how the funds were used.

Previous Grant Recipients: In order to be eligible for a future grant, you must have submitted an HSLDA Grant Usage Form documenting how your prior grant money was spent. If you are unsure that you have fulfilled this requirement, contact the Group Grant Program Coordinator at

Grant Timeline

Applications are accepted once a year in March and grants are mailed out in June.

HSLDA will email all eligible Discount Groups with detailed grant information for that year’s grants, including the application due date and a link to the one-page online grant application.

This email will go to the email address(es) on the group’s HSLDA account. We encourage eligible groups to keep their contact information up to date on their account so that they receive our Compassion Group Grant information email.

Online Application

The grant application typically takes 30–45 minutes to complete.

The application can be accessed by logging in to and navigating to the Compassion Grants page. Any group representative who has been designated as a Company Manager for your group’s account will be able to access the Group Grant Application there.

For your group’s security, only those with the designation of Company Manager on your group’s account will be able to access the application when logged in to

If you need to set up your Company Manager status, please reach out to our Group Services department at Include the following in your email to Group Services:

  • Your first and last name
  • The email address that you would like to use for your login
  • The name of your group

Other Questions?

If you have any questions about these grants, we invite you to contact our Group Services department at or call 540-338-5600.

We are sometimes able to offer grants to groups that do not fall into the Discount Group category, which we handle on a case-by-case basis. If your group has a pressing need, feel free to send a proposal describing the need to

Start or Resume Your Application

You may be prompted to log in or create a free HSLDA account to access this application.