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Absolutely! You can start homeschooling your teen at any time—even if they have completed a few years of high school. Make sure to get a partial transcript from the public or private high school and add those classes to your student’s final transcript.

For more information about homeschooling through high school, click here

Yes, and often parents find that the homeschool setting allows their children to thrive! There are many resources available—from diagnostic testing and specialized curriculum to supportive or therapeutic services and more. HSLDA offers many free resources to help you get started on your special needs homeschooling journey.

There are many ways to track your child’s progress, such as report cards, transcripts, work samples, book lists, attendance records, and test scores (just to name a few). For more information on recordkeeping, click here.

Note that some state laws require that certain records be kept. You can find homeschool laws (including any recordkeeping requirements) for all 50 states and US territories on our interactive legal map.

Yes. And it can be a great option! Whether your child has a physical or mental disability or a specific learning disability, homeschooling may be the best option to help them thrive educationally. You may not be a special education expert, but you are an expert on your child!

Check out your state’s special needs provisions to see regulations that may apply to your homeschool. And please visit our Special Needs page to access free articles and other resources.

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