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Did you know? HSLDA membership can save you time and money and give you peace of mind. Learn about our education consultants, interactive online high school courses, attorneys, online store, teacher discounts, and more. ¿Habla español? ¡No problemo!

The Homeschool Parent's Guide to Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse

Licensed Professional Counselor Stephanie Adams shares practical steps and resources to help prevent or respond to sexual abuse situations.

Tempted to quit? Encouragement for homeschooling on the hard days Q&A

Overwhelmed with homeschooling, a messy house, and sibling squabbles? If you’re tempted to quit homeschooling now, you can find your footing, gain perspective, and receive hope and help for the hard days in this down-to-earth, encouraging webinar!

“¡Hablamos español!

That’s right: We speak Spanish! Homeschooling continues to flourish in the Hispanic community, and we are here to help make that possible.

A tremendous opportunity to meet a growing need!

In April alone, HSLDA received more than 150 first-time applications for educational grants from hard-pressed families. Here are just a few of their situations . . .

The most important homeschooler in this pandemic moment!

As families turn to homeschooling in the face of these unprecedented times, you and I will play a key role: we need to be ready to share the blessing.

Exploring Sensory Integration Struggles: Checklists and Resources

Does your child struggle unusually with textures, sounds, or other sensory experiences? View our checklist and collection of resources for creative ways to help your child succeed at (and enjoy) learning while homeschooling.

A Delight-Directed Educational Approach

What is a delight-directed educational approach, and how do you know if it's right for you? Answer these questions and more with HSLDA special needs educational consultant Faith Berens.

Q&A: Homeschooling Pre-K through 5th Grade | Ep. 78

Join HSLDA Educational Consultants Vicki Bentley and Krisa Winn for a Q&A episode all about homeschooling in the early years.

Single-Parent Homeschooling: Success Strategies Q&A

Single working mom and army wife share how flexibility, planning, support, innovation create customized homeschooling where kids thrive: watch free webinar!