That’s right: We speak Spanish!

Homeschooling continues to flourish in the Hispanic community, and we are here to help make that possible.

As a matter of fact, even before COVID-19 hit, 26 percent of homeschooled students in the US were Hispanic.* Today, the data shows that even more Spanish-speaking families than ever are homeschooling—and we’re excited to be able to expand our Spanish services!

Here’s a quick rundown of HSLDA’s Spanish services:

  • Our bilingual membership representatives—Marialena Zachariah and me—are eager to answer initial questions about homeschooling and provide interpretation services for our members who are seeking legal assistance.
  • Our bilingual educational consultants—Karim Morato and Clarisa Loparo—can guide members with practical homeschool advice, regarding things like curriculum selection and high school transcripts.
  • Karim worked with Marialena to record a series of how-to-homeschool Facebook Live videos in Spanish last summer. The practical information shared in those sessions is still helpful and applicable for many families now!
  • Spanish speakers can print off our membership application using the “Solicitud en español” link here to start taking advantage of our services.
  • As you browse our website, you may notice an “Español” link at the top of many of our pages. Click that link to read the page in Spanish. Most of our legal pages already have a Spanish translation available, and we’re working on adding more content—so keep checking back for new Spanish resources!

You can help us reach out to this community! Please let your Spanish-speaking homeschooling friends know that we’re here for them, ready to serve them en Español at (540) 338-8284 or