As graduation day arrives for many young people—and some parents (moms and dads graduating your last student, you know what I mean!)—the high school diploma becomes an important part of their journey to becoming an independent adult. HSLDA has been working for years on your behalf to help make your student’s transition from homeschooling to the next stage as smooth as possible.

Our position, now and always, is that homeschool graduates should not be treated differently than their public school peers because they have a parent-issued instead of state-issued diploma. Unfortunately, even decades after the start of the modern homeschooling movement, the journey to achieving post-high school goals isn’t always smooth and simple.

Despite an increasing number of laws and policies clarifying that a homeschool education and diploma should receive equal treatment with other forms of education and diplomas, some homeschool graduates still encounter bureaucratic misconceptions, red tape, and discrimination.