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Homeschoolers Serve with a Smile During Pandemic

From distributing food to making masks—and just offering encouragement—homeschool families have been creative in finding ways to serve their communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tempted to quit? Encouragement for homeschooling on the hard days Q&A

Overwhelmed with homeschooling, a messy house, and sibling squabbles? If you’re tempted to quit homeschooling now, you can find your footing, gain perspective, and receive hope and help for the hard days in this down-to-earth, encouraging webinar!

Homeschooling Multiple Ages

From what to do with your toddler to keeping things interesting for everyone to how to get dinner on the table, there’s lots of challenges to homeschooling multiple ages. But these moms do it---and so can you!!! Watch this video to learn more!

Homeschooling When Life Gets Crazy

Overwhelmed by the craziness of homeschooling? You’re not alone! Join blogger and homeschool mom Tiffany Jefferson for some encouragement.
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Introducing Jessica Cole to the Blog!

"I had seen firsthand that homeschooling works, and I knew without a doubt that it was what I wanted for my children. But . . . I was also very aware of the fact that this was not going to be as easy as my parents had made it look."

Introducing Rachelle Reitz to the Blog!

Breaking the Ice and Tadpole Funerals

Introducing Sara Jones to the Blog!

Enjoying Life Along the Way

Introducing Amy Koons to the Blog!

A Journey Worth Starting 

Introducing Carolyn Bales to the Blog!

I Like to Do a Little Reading in My Off-Duty

Introducing Rose Focht to the Blog!

Our Homeschooling Journey

Flexibility Brings Opportunity

My name is Abigail, and I’m a homeschool graduate. I loved being homeschooled.

Coronavirus Crisis and Established Homeschoolers

Just because you’re already homeschooling doesn’t mean the structure of your family’s days and weeks hasn’t been turned upside down because of COVID-19.

Finding Joy in 2020

As I look back on our year, however, I believe God did allow me to find the joy in it, even if my word of the year wasn't consciously at the forefront of my mind.

Trials and Tribulations in Paragraph Form

Some days it's a joy to teach writing, and other days, not so much. Still, Sara Jones finds the humor.

Siblings Hop Their Way to National Jump-Rope Trophies


2020 Hindsight: 1 Caterpillar, 4 Kids, Countless Memories


All in the Family: Experiences with Adoption, An Interview with Joel Grewe

"I think the understating of it was part of its success. It was never a thing that I felt argued to believe, it was just ‘gravity exists, the sky is blue, you’re adopted, and God loves you—and so do we. And He chose you, and so did we.’”

Supporting Your Child During the Quarantine

Is your child feeling unsettled, or even traumatized? Listen in as Candice Dugger describes practical ways you can provide reassurance and healing for your child through safety, structure, and support.

A Summer Summary

When everything gets cancelled during the summer, sometimes you just have to laugh about it. That's what this homeschool family did.
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