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No matter where you’re stationed, our resources, assistance, and encouragement are just a click or phone call away. We'll do what we can to ease each transition and make your homeschool experience possible!

You receive a full year of all the member benefits below for far less than you would pay for an hour of an attorney’s time almost anywhere else!

Member Legal Services

From legal advice to full court representation: no matter what services are needed to help you, there are no further charges of any kind beyond your annual membership dues.

  • Get personal answers to your homeschooling-related legal questions, whether you need clarification of your state’s homeschool law or are experiencing conflict or misunderstanding with a government official.
  • Know that we will correspond on your behalf with such officials as needed. Often, a well-worded first response to an official can prevent a situation from escalating into a full-blown legal problem.
  • If your homeschooling-related situation winds up in court, you can rest assured that HSLDA provides full representation at every stage of legal proceedings. (This may require hiring local attorneys at no charge to you.)*

Member Consultant Services

Get one-on-one advice by phone or email from our pre-K–12 educational consultants at no additional charge—just the cost of your annual membership dues. The educational consultants can help you with:

  • Getting started homeschooling.
  • Homeschooling a child with special needs.
  • Planning classes and choosing curriculum.
  • Making a high school transcript.
  • And much more!

Other Member Services

Here are more services and resources our members have said they found very helpful:

  • Enjoy 24/7/365 access to our members-only online resources, including detailed information and HSLDA-designed forms to help you comply with your state’s homeschooling regulations.
  • Save money by using our specially negotiated member discounts with national vendors through the HSLDA Member Discount Program.
  • Help your budget stretch even further by using your member discounts on other HSLDA programs and services, such as the HSLDA StoreHSLDA Online Academy’s online courses, and Generation Joshua leadership camps.
  • Read the inside scoop with the Home School Court Report, our quarterly member magazine packed with homeschooling news, analysis, stories, tips, and encouragement.

* Please note that member families who choose to consult separately with a non-HSLDA attorney must do so at their own expense.


Tempted to Quit? Encouragement for Homeschooling on the Hard Days Q&A

Overwhelmed with homeschooling, a messy house, and sibling squabbles? If you’re tempted to quit homeschooling now, you can find your footing, gain perspective, and receive hope and help for the hard days in this down-to-earth, encouraging webinar!

HSLDA Guest Blogger

People who have encouragement to offer the homeschooling community!

Cheri Kay Sessions


A Dad’s Perspective on Homeschooling | Ep. 90

Are you a homeschool dad looking for encouragement and support? Join HSLDA President Jim Mason and blogger Robert Macias as they discuss homeschooling from a dad’s perspective.

Parenting Teens with Confidence and Joy | Ep. 51

Join Faith Berens and Connie Albers for a conversation about parenting teens in today’s world, the power of listening, encouragement for parents with a broken or hurting relationship with their teen, and more!

Q&A: Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs | Ep. 56

Do you have questions about homeschooling a child with special needs? Join HSLDA Special Needs Consultants Rochelle Matthews-Somerville and Krisa Winn as they offer encouragement and practical tips on your homeschool journey!

Minno Kids

Want to feel great about what your kids watch? Minno provides a place where kids discover God in stories they love and parents find expert help and everyday encouragement. HSLDA member's get an exclusive discount!

Tips for Teaching Active Little Ones | Ep. 64

Join Heather Frommack (HSLDA Director of Outreach and Educational Consulting) and Amy Milcic (blogger and homeschool mom) for a conversation full of ideas and encouragement for moms with active little ones.

Homeschooling Multiple Ages

From what to do with your toddler to keeping things interesting for everyone to how to get dinner on the table, there’s lots of challenges to homeschooling multiple ages. But these moms do it---and so can you!!! Watch this video to learn more!

Q&A: Homeschooling through High School | Ep. 55

Do you have questions about homeschooling through high school? Join Anita Gibson and Carol Becker, HSLDA High School Consultants, as they answer your questions as well as offer encouragement and practical tips for your homeschool journey!