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Is My Child Struggling with a Mild Difficulty or a Learning Disability?

If you have a struggling learner, homeschooling gives you tremendous freedom to adjust their learning experience—but how do you determine their level of need? Read on . . .

Tips for Conquering the Fear of Labels

Has your homeschooled child been diagnosed with a disability? Are you concerned about the impact of that label on your child? Disability diagnosis does not have to define your child as a human being! Learn more.

Specific Guidance: Applying for SAT and ACT Accommodations

Are you wondering: How do I document teen’s disability? Which accommodation(s) should I request?

Vermont Evidence Concerning Lack of Disability Form

For Vermont residents, this form is to be filled out by an independent professional as evidence that a child is or is not disabled.

Exploring Attention & Focus (Executive Function) Struggles: Checklist & Resource

If your child exhibits multiple symptoms in this checklist, your child may have an attention or focus struggle. Check out these resources that can make managing attention easier for your child while homeschooling!

Exploring Hearing and Auditory Processing Struggles: Checklist and Resources

Is learning a struggle? Does your child have any of the symptoms in this hearing / auditory processing checklist? Check out our collection of resources to help you equip your child to succeed at and enjoy learning while homeschooling.

Exploring Sensory Integration Struggles: Checklists and Resources

Does your child struggle unusually with textures, sounds, or other sensory experiences? View our checklist and collection of resources for creative ways to help your child succeed at (and enjoy) learning while homeschooling.

6 Tips to Begin Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child

If your child was just diagnosed with a learning disability or a special need of any kind, there can be a myriad of emotions to deal with, such as shock, concern, fear, relief, anger, or sadness.

Homeschooling an Outside-the-Box Child

Does your child have a learning disability or mental struggle? Be encouraged by homeschool grad Nathan Clarkson as he shares from his experiences.

3 Essential Steps to Protect Your Special Needs Homeschool

Here are the best practices HSLDA recommends to give your special needs homeschool a solid legal foundation.

Why is learning so hard?

Is My Child Struggling with a Mild Difficulty or a Learning Disability? Try these checklists to help you understand the level of your student’s struggles and discover options for next steps.

High School & Beyond—Special Needs


Planning, Evaluating, & Recordkeeping with Special Needs


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