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Diploma FAQ's

If you’re wondering whether your homeschooled student can receive a high school diploma, the answer is yes! As the parent, you can present a diploma that indicates he or she has successfully completed their course of study.

Online, Co-op, Tutorial . . . Which High School Courses Are Right for My Teen?

The course options available to your high schooler can be mind-boggling! Explore each alternative so you can match your teen’s needs to the right course format: Parent-taught, co-op, online, dual-enrollment, or tutorial.

The Three R’s of Homeschooling through High School

Learn the basics of homeschooling through high school with HSLDA’s consultants. Gather wisdom and practical experience with homeschool veterans.

Surprise, Surprise! Jumping into Homeschooling Midyear

If you're wondering about if you can start homeschooling your highschooler mid-year . . . you can! Here's this mom's experience.

More Big Questions About High School

What about life after graduation? Will my child be able to get a job, go to college, join the military, pursue a trade?

The Big Questions About High School

Can I really teach high school–level courses? Do homeschool graduates get into college? If you’re considering homeschooling your high schooler, you probably have lots of questions.

What’s My Teen’s Perspective?

How does my young adult feel about homeschooling through high school?

Will My Teen Miss Out?

Wondering if your homeschooled teen will miss out on treasured high school memories like the prom, sports, and a graduation ceremony? With planning, homeschooling can provide many of these experiences—and some new ones!

High School & Beyond


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