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Has the DNPE Requested to Review Your Records?

The North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) recently sent out a mass email to homeschool parents inviting them to a virtual record review meeting.

Has North Carolina Requested Homeschool Enrollment Information?

Here's what to do if North Carolina sends you an email saying that you have to update your homeschool enrollment information before they "close" your school.

Officials Demand Certified Translation of Mom’s Diploma in Order to Homeschool

State education officials in North Carolina told this mom from Mexico that she would have to submit an English translation of her diploma in order to homeschool. That’s not what the law says.

What You Need to Know About S.B. 704

The North Carolina legislature passed Senate Bill 704, which includes several changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what you need to know. 

Why HSLDA Recommends Submitting a Copy of the Parent's High School Diploma in NC

HSLDA recommends that our North Carolina members submit the high school diplomas of homeschool parent instructors. Members who would like to understand our attorney's reasoning may find this memo helpful.

Teens Help Elect Homeschool Dad to US Senate

Volunteers with HSLDA’s youth civics program helped elect a homeschool dad to the US Senate. This experience was part of a long-term effort to equip young people to understand freedom and how government works.

“Find Your Talent.” Homeschooling Helps Brothers Succeed in Table Tennis

When Pablo Rios’s sons asked him to coach them in table tennis, he had to watch YouTube videos to learn more about the sport. Ten years later, his boys are ranked in the top five in their state and are reaching out to their community.

Análisis legal de North Carolina

Un análisis detallado de las leyes de educación en el hogar en North Carolina.

North Carolina Notice of Intent Form

If you choose not to file your notice of intent online, fill out this notice and mail it “certified mail/return receipt requested” to. . .

Formulario de aviso de intención de North Carolina

Utilice este formulario como se indica a continuación.