The North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) recently sent out a mass email to homeschool parents inviting them to a virtual record review meeting. Parents who choose not to attend must “email or mail a copy of [their] 2020-21 attendance chart and standardized test results.”

There are two problems with DNPE’s demand.

First, while the DNPE may request standardized test results, the law only requires parents to make them available “at the principal office” of their homeschool. In other words, you need to keep a copy on record in your home and the DNPE may come to your door and request to see them. But there is no requirement that you send them in or attend virtual record meetings to review them.

Second, the DNPE may only request to see your standardized test results. You are required to maintain records of attendance, immunization, and testing. But the only part of the law granting the DNPE authority to request records specifies that it is testing records. 

Why does this matter? The law clearly states what information you must provide to open and maintain your homeschool. The DNPE does not have authority to add to those requirements. When the DNPE does so, even for the purpose of “verifying” compliance with the law, it disregards the boundaries placed on its authority and makes homeschooling harder for everyone. It is dangerous to set the precedent that data-management justifies bypassing statutory limitations on government intrusion.

If you’ve received one of these records review emails, please contact HSLDA before scheduling a time to meet or sending in any documents. We will help you understand what you are legally required to do and create a strategy for responding appropriately.