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Mom Tries to Enroll Child in Driver’s Ed, Hits Barrier

A homeschool mom invoked her legal right in order to qualify her son for public school driver’s ed. Officials didn’t even bother to reply.

Homeschooled Soccer Player Aims at Going Pro

Kristin Boos went from top scorer on a homeschool club team to playing at the highest collegiate level. In two years she hopes to earn a spot on a professional team overseas.

Trend: Public School Blocks Homeschoolers from Taking PSAT

Officials at the local high school told a teen that they were contractually obliged to prevent homeschoolers from taking the PSAT. Turns out they were wrong, and his situation is not unique.

Chicago Creates Phony Homeschool Regs, Casts Student Dragnet

While reaching out to 100,000 students deem at-risk for truancy, Chicago public schools have also raised obstacles for parents who want to start homeschooling. The law says they can’t do that.

Did the Governor Just Shut My Homeschool Down?

Various emergency orders and rule changes affecting public and private schools don’t necessarily apply to typical Illinois homeschool operations.

‘We’re Intended to Rely on Each Other’: Urban Homeschoolers Band Together

A Chicago homeschool group offered training for families on how to prepare their students for high school and beyond. It was designed for first-generation immigrant parents who want their children to explore all their educational and career options.

Illinois Driver's Ed. Forms

If your homeschooled student would like to enroll in Illinois public school driver education classes, use these forms as instructed below.

Formularios para clases de conducir de Illinois

Si su estudiante educado en el hogar desea matricularse en las clases de conducir de las escuelas públicas de Illinois, use estos formularios como se indica a continuación.

Illinois Letter of Withdrawal

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Illinois school your child is currently attending.

Carta de retiro en Illinois

Puede utilizar este formulario para seguir el procedimiento de Illinois para retirar a su estudiante de la escuela a la cual asiste actualmente.