A northwest Illinois homeschool mom asked a public school representative to allow her child access to the school’s driver education course.

She identified herself as the chief administrator of her child’s private school (as homeschools are classified under Illinois law) and told them that she was waiving the grade point average requirement, as she had a right to do under state law.

The representative’s only response was silence.

The mom then asked us for help.

Timely intervention

I wrote a letter to the representative explaining the student’s right to the school’s driver education course under Illinois statutes and regulations, and the mother’s right to waive the grade point requirement.

Another lengthy period of silence followed.

This should have been a simple issue, but the representative was making it complicated. I followed up with another letter asking the official for the reason for delay and asking whether it would be necessary for HSLDA to consider litigation against the school system.

The district superintendent promptly called me. We had a cordial conversation and the problem resolved quickly. The student is now gearing up for the driver’s education course.

We appreciate the school’s willingness to make things right in the end.