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“The Little Push We Needed”: Homeschool Mom on HSLDA’s Grants

Jessica Rivas left her job to homeschool her first child, Pablito, during his preschool years, but she thought financial struggles would keep her from homeschooling him through elementary school.

«El empujoncito que necesitábamos»: becas de HSLDA al rescate de mamá

Jessica Rivas dejó su trabajo para educar a su primer hijo en casa durante prescolar; pero dificultades económicas le llevaron a pensar que no podría continuar educándolo durante la primaria.

Grant Helps Missionary Family Keep Homeschooling in South Sudan

This missionary family homeschools in South Sudan, where modern amenities are scarce and they must carry in everything they need. An HSLDA Compassion Grant helped them swap schoolbooks for digital materials so they can travel with a lighter load.

How a Gifted Child Led a Public School Teacher to Homeschool

Caden was reading and spelling before he was talking. But as a public school teacher, his mom, Casey, wasn’t planning on homeschooling.

‘Okay Let’s Go’: Aunts, Uncles, and an Aquarium. Oh My!

And the story of how it almost didn’t happen.

Meet Addison: A Young Woman With an Indomitable Spirit

“When we became homeless, we were already homeschooling pros, having juggled all my health issues, surgeries, intense dance schedules, and disabilities.” - Addison Mouser

Help and Healing after COVID-19 and Wildfires

Because of donors who cared enough to give to the needs of those who are hurting, HSLDA was able to offer grants to Debi’s family.

A Tremendous Opportunity to Meet a Growing Need!

In April alone, HSLDA received more than 150 first-time applications for educational grants from hard-pressed families. Here are just a few of their situations . . .

In the Midst of Grief and Loss, Homeschooling Brings Peace

For Renee and Brian, the ability to continue homeschooling through hardship helped bring a little more peace to their home in the midst of personal tragedy.

Grant Highlights—Reviving Hopes and Dreams

Here's a page from our yearbook of families who were served last year. Their thanks belong to you—the homeschool community—who helped renew their hope by your support of HSLDA.