My heart is filled with gratitude and gratefulness! I so appreciate the donors making it possible for me to receive a Compassion Grant to help cover the costs of homeschooling my daughter!

"I’ve never been so scared,” Debi shared when her daughter contracted COVID-19 in March 2020—and the family’s life was turned upside down. Debi has weathered 16 years of homeschooling her four children and six years of single parenting, financial hardships, and medical disabilities within the family—including scoliosis and MS.

As a retired neonatal intensive care nurse, Debi had seen her share of medical issues concerning children. But as every mom knows, it’s scarier when it’s your own children. Her sweet 15-year-old became critically ill as pneumonia took over her lungs. It was touch and go, but when the infection finally subsided, Debi’s daughter was left dealing with asthma, requiring daily medication.

And just as the family was beginning to recover from their COVID-19 crisis, wildfires approaching their small California town in August forced them to evacuate with barely any warning. The housing and food costs that came with evacuation bled their savings and resources dry.

Returning home, they found food spoilage caused by power outages and residual smoke filling the rooms, with a pervasive, acrid odor permeating the furniture, drapes, bedding, and clothes. A dingy gray covered the walls, which would need to be treated for smoke damage.

Debi was grateful their home survived the fire, but the poor air quality created greater asthmatic symptoms for her daughter.

Because of donors who cared enough to give to the needs of those who are hurting, HSLDA was able to offer grants to Debi’s family. The first grant (prior to the wildfire) allowed Debi to purchase curriculum so that she could keep pursuing her goal: completing the final two years of homeschooling leading up to her daughter’s high school graduation. Then, when the wildfires came, friends of our Compassion ministry once again made it possible for us to offer Debi and her children disaster-relief funds to help them recover.

Debi continues to persevere through every difficult circumstance—including two wildfires—in her passion to homeschool her children and her personal desire to see their hearts grow in the love of Christ. “[My daughter] has been through so much, yet she shows a deep love for Christ and continues to grow in her relationship with Him. . . . I am blessed beyond measure and so appreciate the prayers and generosity of the people who make the Compassion Grant available,” Debi shared.