Last year held big changes for homeschooling! As a result of widespread concern regarding COVID-19, many states and localities moved to virtual schooling this past summer, prompting tens of thousands of parents to examine their educational options more closely and give homeschooling a try! HSLDA staff have been excited to serve thousands of new homeschooling families, many of whom have discovered that homeschooling frees them up to spend more quality time together and to design education plans that adapt to each child’s needs.

This was also a year of changes for HSLDA. We rolled out a brand-new website in April 2020! We’ve been slowly implementing other technological changes, including how our system handles email addresses. Previously, each family account was associated with a single email address. Now, however, we have tools to better manage and remember email addresses for individual people in a family. Each person has their very own profile on the website associated with their unique email address, which they can use when logging in.

Because our database still had to assign each existing family account email address to a specific user, one spouse’s email address may initially appear on the other spouse’s account. If this happened to you, feel free to contact our office at to designate your preferred login email.

Please keep an eye out for communications from our office as we work through this transition to help us serve you better!