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HSLDA understands that private therapeutic services can add up quickly. And we know that you are committed to providing the best education possible for your child no matter the cost.

That’s why HSLDA offers Curriculum Grants to homeschooling families in need of private services. You can learn more and apply for a grant here.

Other local, state, and national organizations also offer assistance to families needing help with private services for their children.

“The Little Push We Needed”: Homeschool Mom on HSLDA’s Grants

Jessica Rivas left her job to homeschool her first child, Pablito, during his preschool years, but she thought financial struggles would keep her from homeschooling him through elementary school.

«El empujoncito que necesitábamos»: becas de HSLDA al rescate de mamá

Jessica Rivas dejó su trabajo para educar a su primer hijo en casa durante prescolar; pero dificultades económicas le llevaron a pensar que no podría continuar educándolo durante la primaria.

Cómo solicitar una Beca de Currículo

Las becas de currículo ayudan a familias con dificultades económicas a cubrir gastos educativos 

Cómo solicitar una Beca de Ayuda para Desastres

Encuentre esperanza tras la devastación de un desastre natural o de una tragedia doméstica. 

Looking for Free or Inexpensive Curriculum and Resources?

A comprehensive list of free homeschool curriculum and resources for all grades, including high school. Subjects include math, English, science, history, and more!

¿En busca de currículo y recursos económicos o gratuitos?

Desde planes de lecciones, paquetes completos de currículo, hasta computadoras restauradas… revise si alguno de estos materiales gratuitos o con descuento puede ser parte de su biblioteca de la educación en casa.

How to Apply for a Disaster Relief Grant

Find hope after the devastation of a natural disaster or home tragedy

Grant Helps Missionary Family Keep Homeschooling in South Sudan

This missionary family homeschools in South Sudan, where modern amenities are scarce and they must carry in everything they need. An HSLDA Compassion Grant helped them swap schoolbooks for digital materials so they can travel with a lighter load.

How a Gifted Child Led a Public School Teacher to Homeschool

Caden was reading and spelling before he was talking. But as a public school teacher, his mom, Casey, wasn’t planning on homeschooling.

‘Okay Let’s Go’: Aunts, Uncles, and an Aquarium. Oh My!

And the story of how it almost didn’t happen.