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Preserving Homeschool Freedom—One Case at a Time | Ep. 121

Kevin Boden (HSLDA Staff Attorney) and Jim Mason (HSLDA President) discuss past cases that have had significant influence on homeschool freedom.

She Didn’t Want to Be a Teacher—Until She Homeschooled | Ep. 119

Despite the challenges ahead, Melissa sought out resources and community that equip her to keep homeschooling.

Individualized Education: A Roadmap to Success | Ep. 120

Entrepreneur Greg Heinemann discusses how homeschooling facilitates outside-the-box thinking and helps students grow into flourishing adults

Creating Your Family Legacy Through Homeschooling | Ep. 118

What will be your family legacy? For author and speaker Ainsley Arment, it starts by defining and then creating a family culture.

Homeschooling and the Arts: Filmmaking | Ep. 117

At 13 years old, Ian Reid was a homeschool student in Northern Idaho, creating fun videos as a hobby with his friends. That hobby inspired him to name his future company, which he now runs full-time, directing projects for clients across the US.

Feeling Called to Homeschool? This Mom Took the Leap | Ep. 116

As soon as she dropped off her eldest daughter at public school for her first day of classes, Latasha Fields knew she needed to homeschool.

Adventures in Homeschooling a Gifted Student | Ep. 115

Casey decided that the flexibility and customization of homeschooling was just what her son needed. And the result has been life-changing for both of them.

What Can We Learn from “Free-Range” Parenting? | Ep. 113

What does healthy independence for kids look like? Lenore Skenazy joins Jim Mason to discuss what she’s learned about "free-range" parenting.

Case Spotlight: Calabretta v. Floyd | Ep. 109

A normal homeschool day quickly turned into a nightmare for Shirley Calabretta and her family when a social worker and police officer entered their home without a warrant. Shirley joins Jim Mason to share her story.

Don’t Take the Money? The Risks of ESAs | Ep. 110

What are Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)—and what do they mean for homeschool freedom?